Inspeed E-Vane Electronic Wind Direction Sensor

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Inspeed's E-Vane wind direction sensor is built with precision components to provide years of accurate weather monitoring.

Features You'll Love:

  • Wire length variants to suit different applications
  • Non-contacting, zero-friction Hall chip for excellent sensitivity and long life
  • Low power to operate
  • Adjustable "North" locking feature
  • Balanced vane for consistent, accurate readings
Product Details

Inspeed's E-Vane Electronic Wind Direction Sensor

Inspeed's rugged and affordable E-Vane is a high quality, Inspeed-designed, Made In America wind direction sensor designed for accuracy and long life.  Here are some features:

  • Sensor type:  non-contacting "infinite life" Hall chip
  • 3-24VDC input, output proportional to the input and direction
  • Zero deadband
  • Mounting:  vertical or offset bracket, or 1/2" tube mount
  • Balanced - tolerant to non-vertical installations
  • Unique locking feature so you can set "North" wherever you want
  • Wire length:  standard lengths or customized for you

The E-Evane wind direction sensor uses a Hall chip as the active element, with a magnet on the shaft that rotates directly above it.  Unlike resistance-type vanes, the Hall chip is 100% non-contacting, so there is nothing to wear out over time.  It also means zero resistance to rotation, so the sensitivity to wind direction changes is very high.

The electronic core of the sensor accepts 3 to 24VDC as input, with the output ranging from 5% to 95% of the input - with virtually zero deadband. And since you may want to set the minimum or maximum output at "North", there is a unique locking screw that allows you to stop the magnet and rotate the vane until the output is just right.  

The vane is is balanced - which is very important for any installation that may not be 1100% vertical.  Unbalanced vanes will rotate to where the center of gravity is lowest - and only the wind can move it away - a balanced vane always points in the proper direction.

And we do our best to provide mounting and wire lengths to best suit your application.


Mounting Bracket

  • Supplied with an aluminum mounting bracket with 2 holes for screws.
  • Made from 1/8" x 1/2" aluminum bar stock
  • Designed to be mounted on top of a pole or other bracket.
  • Vertical bracket for anemometers/vanes, offset bracket for the E-Vane
  • Custom brackets available up request
  • Single screw head mounting means the bracket can be tilted to keep the head horizontal

Sensor Type

Inspeed offers 3 sensor types: reed switch, Hall, and Optical

  • Reed switch/magnet provide 1 pulse per rotation (more available on request)
  • Hall chip anemometers provide 1 pulse per rotation (same)
  • Hall chip E-Vanes provide 5-95% of the input voltage (3-24VDC)
  • Optical anemometers provide 8 pulses per rotation


  • Standard length is 25 feet (8m)
  • Additional options include 50 ft (15 m) and 100 ft (30 m) or more
  • Custom lengths available upon request - tested OK to over 1,500 feet
  • The wire is provided stripped and unterminated (except FlexWire and Mag Mount which have jack connections)

Inspeed E-Vane Instructions & Owners Manual

Here are the instructions on the use and operation of the Inspeed E-Vane:

Link: E-Vane Instructions

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