Capture Wind Speeds Anywhere, Effortlessly

Inspeed Pole Mount Anemometer

Ideal for those needing a durable, versatile wind speed sensor, Inspeed's Pole Mount Anemometer offers a cost-effective solution suitable for areas lacking AC power. With easy pole-mounting and options for wire length, digital display, and rotor materials, it's perfect for users in various settings, like homes or RVs, who want accurate wind speed data without a high expense.

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Magnetic & Mighty: Monitor Winds on the Go

Inspeed Mag Mount Anemometer

Inspeed's Mag Mount Anemometer is designed for users who require a robust, easy-to-install anemometer with a magnetic mount, making it ideal for storm chasers or those mounting it on vehicles. With a high-strength magnetic mount and a durable design, it's great for those who need a dependable wind speed sensor in dynamic and mobile environments.

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Inspeed Handheld Anemometer with Red Handle

Wind Speed in Your Hand: Quick, Accurate, Mobile

Inspeed Handheld Anemometer

The Inspeed Handheld Anemometer is tailored for on-the-go use, providing accurate wind measurements with a convenient folding head and water-resistant display. It's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, storm chasers, or professionals in fields like meteorology or sports who need reliable, real-time wind speed data in a compact, rugged form.

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Inspeed flex wire portable anemometer with Cateye Velo

Fixed, but Flexible: Reliable Wind Speed Monitoring

Inspeed FlexWire Anemometer

The Inspeed FlexWire Anemometer offers a more flexible alternative to the standard Pole Mount Anemometer. Featuring a 25' audio-grade flexible wire with a 1/8" jack connection for easy setup, it's perfect for users who need wind speed measurement in areas without AC power.

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Classic Wind Speed Sensor & Anemometer

Precision Meets Durability in Wind Monitoring

Inspeed Classic Wind Speed Sensor & Anemometer

Inspeed's Classic Anemometer is designed for longevity and precision, using a reed switch mechanism and a sapphire bearing for low friction. It's best for users who value durability and simplicity in their weather monitoring tools, with customizable wire length options making it versatile for different applications.

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