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Inspeed Handheld 3-Cup Anemometer

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Inspeed's "Handheld" Anemometer is an affordable solution for measuring wind speed when you are on the go. This anemometer is accurate and rugged, will last for years.

Features You'll Love:

  • Ready to go out of the box. Comes calibrated in mph.
  • Automatic "sleep" mode preserves battery.
  • Automatic "wake up" makes operation simple!
  • Sapphire bearing provides exceptional sensitivity to gentle breezes.
  • Accurate readings even at wind speeds exceeding 100 mph.
  • Thousands of similar units in use across the world!
Product Details

Inspeed Handheld Anemometer

Measure wind speeds with confidence using the Inspeed Handheld Anemometer. This rugged wind meter provides accurate wind speed measurements from 4 mph to 125 mph (higher speeds available on request).  

Notable features include:

  • Unique folding head: fold it flat for easy storage
  • Accurate readings from any direction, without pointing into the wind
  • Water-resistant multi-function display: Easily switch between mph and km/h for your preferred unit of measurement.
  • Real-time readings of current speed, average speed, and maximum speed, all at once.
  • Comfortable grip: The wind meter features a vinyl handle for a secure and comfortable grip during use.
  • Tough and rugged:  no need to handle with care!
  • Cool thing: there are 2 photos of our TV screen where a young Andersen Cooper is talking to meteorologist Chad Meyers during Hurricane Frances in Florida in 2004 - the Inspeed Handheld Anemometer captured a roughly 90 mph gust if I recall.

Whether you're an avid storm chaser, kite surfer, wind surfer, target shooter, model aviation enthusiast, or simply interested in weather monitoring, this wind meter is perfect for you. Its versatility makes it a must-have tool for all kinds of wind-related activities.

Here is a link to a short video of it in use during a storm on Martha's Vineyard in September of 2023.

(Note: We used to call this the "Vortex" Anemometer)



  • 0.5 mph from 4 to 10 mph
  • the greater of 1mph or +/-4% of reading from 10 to 50 mph
  • estimated within 4% of reading above 50 mph (cannot find a calibration service to verify the accuracy above ~50mph)

Speed Resolution

  • Top Anemometer Display (Current Speed): 0.5 mph
  • Bottom Anemometer Display (Max, Average, etc.): 0.01 mph


The display is a bicycle speedometer - one of two models: 

  1. Cateye Velo7: limited to a maximum speed of 125mph
  2. Sigma Sport MC10: limited to a maximum speed of 200mph

We use bicycle speedometers because they give you the biggest bang for the buck:  low cost, fast update rates, dual display of current speed along with your choice of max or average.

Display Update Rate

~1Hz (1 second)

Digit Size

  • Top Display (Current Speed): 10mm (approx. 1/2")
  • Bottom Display (Max, Average, etc.): 5mm (approx. 1/4")


CR2032 Coin Battery located in the display - not the rotor/head

  • Battery life 1 to 3 years of intermittent, occasional use.
  • A few months to a year of continuous use, depending on wind conditions and mode of use
  • Display goes to low power mode "sleep" when the wind speed drops to zero, or if removed from the bracket when not in use; wakes up automatically when the rotor begins spinning

Speed Range

~3 mph to 200 mph (~5 kph to over 200 kph)

Rotor Diameter

~6 in (150 mm)

Sensor Type

Inspeed offers 3 sensor types: reed switch, Hall, and Optical

  • Reed switch/magnet provide 1 pulse per rotation (more available on request)
  • Hall chip anemometers provide 1 pulse per rotation (same)
  • Hall chip E-Vanes provide 5-95% of the input voltage (3-24VDC)
  • Optical anemometers provide 8 pulses per rotation

Inspeed Owners Manual for Cateye Velo7

Inspeed Owners Manual for anemometers with a Cateye Velo7.

Here is a link to the PDF: Instructions for Cateye Velo7

Setting the WS on a Cateye Velo7

This is how to set the WS for a Cateye Velo7. The video shows how to set the WS to 127 - which is for a D3 Inspeed rotor; consult you instructions (or this web site) for the correct WS for your anemometer/rotor.

Here is the link to the Setting the WS on a Cateye Velo7

Setting the WS on a Cateye Velo8

Here is a video on how to set the WS on a Cateye Velo8. Consult the Owners Instructions for the correct WS for your rotor.

Link to the video on YouTube: Setting the WS on a Cateye Velo8

Setting the WS on a Sigma BC1200

This is a video on how to set the WS on a Sigma Sport BC1200 (note that there were several versions of the BC1200 - this is just one of them - they all work more or less the same way). Consult the Owners Instructions to make sure you enter the correct WS for your Inspeed anemometer/rotor.

Link to the video on YouTube: Setting the WS on a Sigma BC1200

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